Important Magnesium Nutrition

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Magnesium is an essential nutrition mineral that aids in maintaining healthy nerves and muscles. Important Magnesium Nutrition is essential in keeping our immune system healthy, along with strong bones and good heart rhythm.

A British study has found the cancer rates decrease by 13 percent when the body has sufficient magnesium. The recommended daily intake for men is to have 420mg and for women should be at 320 mg. of magnesium.

In the book, The Magnesium Miracle, by Carolyn Dean, MD states that a blood test is not an accurate method to determine a deficiency. In fact, only 1 percent of the total magnesium in our bodies is in the blood stream. When the body is in need of magnesium, it will start to take it out of bones and muscles give to the heart. This is why the majority of the time will find these levels within normal.\


The early symptoms of having magnesium deficient are:

• Fatigue

• Weakness

• Nausea

• Vomiting

• Loss of appetite

• Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) relieves bloating and weight gain.

The next set of symptoms of magnesium deficiency worsening are:

• Tingling

• Muscle cramps

• Numbness

• Personality changes

• Abnormal heart rhythms

Magnesium deficiency can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high-blood pressure, migraines, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, and hyperthyroidism. There are whole foods that are rich in magnesium, which is the best way to take in enough magnesium daily.

The top ten foods that offer your body the most important magnesium nutrition are :

Dark Leafy Greens: In 1-cup raw spinach you take in 79 mg.Nuts and Seeds: In a ½ cup of pumpkin seeds you take in 534 mg.Fish: In 3 oz. Fillet of Mackerel you take in 97 mg.Beans and Lentils: In 1 cup of soybeans you take in 100 mg.Whole Grains: In 1 cup of brown rice you take in 86 mg.Avocados: In avocado you take in 44 mg.Low-fat Dairy: In 1 cup of plain yogurt you take in 42 mg.Bananas: In 1-medium size banana you take in 32 mg.Dried Fruits: In ½ cup of figs you take in 51 mg.Dark Chocolate: 1 square is estimated at taking in 95 mg.

The best way to get a sufficient amount of magnesium is as suggested above. If that is not possible, you should consider a quality supplement, which includes magnesium oxide, citrate and chloride. Studies have shown that magnesium supplements are not all the same and will not absorb into the body the same. Also, if you are on medications, consult your Doctor first before taking any magnesium supplement.

Check out the book, The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D. to learn more about the health benefits of adding magnesium into your daily regimen either through whole organic foods or by supplements.

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