Video #1 Black Bean Burgers on a BUDGET

Video will show you how to make Black Bean Burgers on a budget. You will quickly realize that black bean burgers aren’t just for vegetarians. 

The recipe and technique for preparation of the perfect black bean burger will show you how to produce a tasty burger that will be the favorite of your family and friends

Video #2 Traditional Double Cheeseburger 

Shows you in detail how to make a Traditional Double Cheeseburger at home from scratch so you’ll know exactly what’s on your burger

Video #3 Secret recipe for plant-based vegan burgers

It was a health scare 18 years ago that spurred chef David Lee toward plant-based food.

A medical checkup revealed elevated liver enzymes even though he wasn’t much of a drinker.

Chef Lee says the results made him reassess and “start eating a little bit more of a balance. The video will reveal the secret to his world class vegan recipe.

Video #4 Gordon Ramsay Vs. Guy Fieri Burger War

Watch these celebrity Chefs go toe to toe in a mega burger cook off. You will benefit from the duel because they reveal closely guarded secrets in their burger creations that are surprisingly easy to implement, so that even you can give it a try.

Video #5 The Secret Recipe for the DIY Impossible Burger

You’ve got to see this! You will be shown how to make a burger that looks and tastes just like the real thing. You will get the ingredients in a step by step formulation that shows how the meat was replaced and with what.

Video #6 The Insanity Burger the perfect Comfort Food

Watch these guys build and grill the perfect burger in the outdoors in simplicity and with techniques that anyone can try for themselves including you!

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