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Paulo Sérgio Lima is an organic acerola grower. … in vitamin C, green acerola growing has also allowed his family business to increase the yield of its farm.

Acerola is currently recognized as one of the world’s best natural source of vitamin C content. It contains 50 times more vitamin C than orange and our acerola has twice as much vitamin C as regular acerola due to unique processing. But what is the story behind this little cherry? Where does acerola come from? How is it grown and processed? Discover all about our acerola.

Diana Food started working with acerola about 20 years ago. North east Brazil is where we found the best levels of vitamin C, the best cultivars and the best partners to develop our final acerola powder and acerola concentrate.

Cautious about the high quality of the fruit and suppliers we are partnering with, we are in direct contact with the growers, on a daily basis. We make sure they meet our demands, monitor the production in person and support them into reaching the highest levels of certification such as Fair Trade, FSA and organic certification compliant with E.U., USDA and Chinese regulations.

Paulo Sérgio Lima, organic acerola producer

Paulo Sérgio Lima is an organic acerola grower. With his family, he lives every day on the field to take care of the orchards and control the maturity of the fruits all along the growing cycle until the harvest.

Because of the very sensitive metabolism of the fruit, Paulo and his team of farmers need to be very attentive to the plantations and manage everyday ideal timing for the harvest through manual fruit picking.

He started to pick green acerola four years ago in addition to the red acerola initial business. With higher content in vitamin C, green acerola growing has also allowed his family business to increase the yield of its farm.

His annual fruit harvest has risen by 3 then and is now 1.5 times bigger thanks to new ways of valorizing acerola and higher demand from the industry.

High quality guaranteed

Working with Diana Food, it is working with a guaranteed and fixed content of natural vitamin C that stays over time.

We guarantee 2 years of shelf-life with two types of concentration, 17% or 34%. In addition to this, our guarantee is also to offer our customers with 100% natural and native vitamin C only contained in the fruit.

The mastering of the supply chain and the high level of traceability of the raw materials we are selecting is essential to secure the authenticity of the vitamin and this is also controlled by very fine testing phases to ensure highest quality standards and prevent any cut with non-natural ascorbic acid.

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